Marianne has worked with a number of small start-up companies over many years and has in-depth and comprehensive experience in early-stage drug development.

Assignment categories include project management, project plans, and product development descriptions, project evaluations, business plans, etc.

Examples of assignments:

  • Project manager for 2 years (2004-2006), bringing an anti-cancer drug to clinical trial. The Stockholm-based company had no employees at the time and all the work was performed using the dynamic network model
  • Responsible for drug substance and drug product development as well as clinical trial manufacturing for a clinical trial in Canada (2004-2005). The development work was performed in collaboration with contract research organizations in UK, the US and Canada.
  • Project manager for pharmaceutical & analytical development of a topical drug product (2006-2008). The company is based in Lund, Sweden and hade one employee at that time. All the laboratory work was made in collaboration with contract research organizations.
  • CEO for a start-up company in Lund, Sweden (2009-2010). The work was focused on establishing a development strategy including performing preclinical studies. As CEO the work also included��general coporate governance.
  • Member of the board in and consultant for of a small research-based company in Lund, Sweden (2009). The product under development was a cytotoxic drug.
  • A number of project evaluations, project plans and due diligences for potential investments has been made on behalf of venture capital firms

References may be obtained upon request.